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As you walk back to the dining room, kids dragging on your legs, holding a plate of sandwiches in one hand, toys in the other, and balancing a book on your head, it comes to you that maybe there is something that you can do to occupy your children’s minds that doesn’t involve your constant attention. Finding things for your sons and daughters to do to fill their term break which is fun, educational, and useful is a challenge. But have faith, sometimes the answer is staring right at you.

Kid’s singing classes are a great way to get them into something they love doing, and is also a fantastic way to teach them about discipline, practice, how the body works, and how to succeed in something. There are many brilliant teachers all over London and the South East of the UK. It’s just a case of finding the right one, for the right price (because schooling children can be crazy expensive as it is!).

Give it a try, if anything it will get them out of your hair for an hour!

-Outcast Magazine